Voting for Dummies

Look at the Pretty Colors!

Most people consider me a liberal, a lefty, pinko, commie, queer as the windbags on the right would say… Ah windbags, my focus of this unfocused collection of thoughts, I think.

The moderate, sane, logical, lefties like myself have but a few “pundits” we can tune into for opinion based news. Most pundits on the left make me just as sick as the pundits on the right. The Right has the king Limbaugh, whom I used to listen to regularly even as a “lib”, I cant even do that anymore. His liberal doppelganger, Ed Schultz, is not any better. The Ed Show on MSNBC can be every bit as irritating as the E.I.B. network. Like Rush, he can take the smallest, most insignificant “mis-speak” that has nothing to do with any campaign, or even remotely political, and spin it into some partisan nonsense.

Lawrence O’Donnell, speaks into the camera like it is a moron. I cant tell if he is belittling Republicans, or “dumbing it down” for the undereducated Democratic audience. Like a reverse, smart, Hannity. I do however enjoy the Rachel Maddow Show. Shes smart and witty and Ive got to have someone to watch when Jon Stewart is on reruns. I know, I know, Stewart is not a pundit, but he is very funny, and I usually agree with him so suck it mainstream media!

I guess this brings me to my original scattered thought when I started typing: The news media, MSNBC, Fox News, Red, Blue, Left Right, O’Reilly, O’Donnell, all treat the audience like we are a bunch of idiots. We are “average” Americans who need “Voting for Dummies”….thats funny two ways, hahaha.

Average Americans; we liked Clinton, he talked to us like we were grown ups. We liked George W. Bush, He was like a nice neighborhood boy who threw a baseball through our window and did not think we knew. We did, and we voted for him again anyway. We liked Obama, he talked to us like adults and when he spoke, we fell in love with America all over again. Mitt Romney…umm… he talks to us the same way a CEO at a company picnic talks to the janitor, awkward and politely insincere.



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This says what a lot of us are thinking, great post worth spreading around.

In Saner Thought

A good question!  Each one of the campaigns is trying to make the case either for or against the question.  No matter, it is a good question that deserves a good answer…..

This list is a good one….and it answers the question for the country……

Michael Snyder
The Economic Collapse

If we elect one guy over the other our economy might decline at a slightly different pace.

But in the end both political parties are taking us to the exact same place.

Down the toilet.

I wish that wasn’t true.

But we need to be honest with ourselves….

-Both parties fully support the Federal Reserve.

-Both parties supported the nomination of Ben Bernanke to a second term as the head of the Federal Reserve.

-Both parties endlessly push the job-killing “free trade” agenda of the global elite.

-Both parties see nothing wrong with running absolutely enormous trade deficits with the…

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This is Pretty Cool!

Our Future!

I read this earlier and thought it was pretty cool:

Any time, we as earthlings start planning missions like this, or even bring them to life in discussions, I get excited. How cool would it be to build a traveling colony? Who cares how fast we can go, or how far. We could just visit the planets on the way out to the unknown!

Hell, maybe Clinton could come along as the Spaceship/colony President. He seems interested.

I know this is a pipe dream at this point in human evolution, but it would be cool.




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I feel your pain Glenn Beck

“Poor Pitiful Me”


Poor Glenn Beck, he was mistreated in New York this past Labor Day. Someone who insults half of the population of the United States daily, felt insulted. He seemed genuinely shocked that other people behave the same way he does. If you have not heard, here is the story:

…An airline employee did not open a soda for him and treated him as “subhuman”. I do not know the employee, but I cant help but think his distain for 9/11 victims might have something to do with it.

Glenn Beck Program Sept. 9th 2005 “When I see a 9/11 victim family on television, or whatever, Im just like, oh shut up, Im so sick of them because theyre always complaining.”

Come to think of it, maybe thats why “New Yorkers” were so quick to give dirty looks. He goes on to say he was “openly mocked by the patrons” in a “minority-owned shop”. Awww, so sad:(   What do you expect when you refer to Mexicans as dirtbags, and poor black folks from New Orleans as scumbags.

And finally he says “What have we become as a nation?” I can answer that Glenn. We have become a nation of people just like YOU! When we dont like someone we talk trash about them, or tell lies about them, or give them dirty looks, or crappy service. I was even called a filthy racial slur because I dont care for Romney. WTF? I dont care for Obama either, but that goes un-insulted. This is your world Glenn, we all treat each other the way you talk on your show, how did we turn out? Are you proud? Or do we have to be terrible people in the name of Jesus, like you!

P.S. Glenn, you do know when you say something in public, it never goes away right? So when you are crying about how some random American looked at you, remember, we have documentation of how you insult us all every day, over and over. Take your own advice about complainers and SHUT UP!

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Awaiting Isaac…

… What a way to get a few days off. Tropical Storm, oops, now its a hurricane, Hurricane Isaac. I really am not complaining, its not so bad to relax on a rainy day with nothing to do, and since this is no Katrina, I am not in worry mode. If this was a Katrina, I would not be typing now, I would be stuck in traffic trying to get away. We stayed in this house for Katrina, we did not get any damage other than trees down, even though we are only a few blocks from the beach. Our land is pretty high above sea level, but…. no electricity or running water for a week. We had plenty of supplies, but we were hot all of the time, and could only bath in our hot-tub out back. Thats why we would run if this was a big one. Air conditioning and a daily shower.

This storm is just a lot of rain and a small storm surge. A good excuse to catch up on my reading. Just started “Colony” by Ben Bova. Good old sci fi, cant go wrong.

If you are in the the Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, or Florida area, be safe and good luck.

Below are some photos of my trip to the beach this morning, the storm is not going to make landfall until tonite, this was around lunch time. If you are not familiar with the Mississippi Gulf Coast, the waterline is always glassy, no waves. This is the most excitement we’ll see all year.

The water is high, the red sign is usually on the beach

The boardwalk in Gulfport looking east

Looking out over the Gulf of Mexico





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A New Low

I read an article yesterday that kind of ticked me off. Keli Goff , a political correspondent for the website “The Root” wrote the following piece:

Does Paul Ryans black girlfriend matter? Short answer, NO! Why on earth would it matter? I am no fan of Paul Ryan at all, but implying his past interracial relationship has any bearing on his campaign is absurd, it is a new low. There is NO story here!

If I may give my opinion, this piece was written in hopes that it would get noticed by the “old far right” , those older red state voters who might frown on this kind of relationship. It is using reverse ammunition to make some folks question what they thought of Mr. Ryan. Now dont get me wrong, I know all is fair in ugly presidential campaigns, but this is lame. If anything, it shows Paul Ryan in a better light. If you read the article, you will notice the headline is the only thing about Paul Ryan in the whole piece. The rest of it is about Strom Thurmond and Lou Dobbs.

This is nothing more than gossip. We are asked to look at his record on civil rights, but we all know that is not the point of this article. He dates outside his race, good for him, I respect him a little now, write something with substance please.

I dont enjoy coming to Paul Ryans defense, but this is just stupid.



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The War on Women

Why is it in the case of rape, the conversation in the media is rarely about the horrible act committed against a woman, it takes back seat to what she chooses to do about it. I will never ever know what its like to be a female rape victim, because I am a male, as are most of the idiots that claim to know what is best for the rape victim. Take Tea party member and Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin for example, not only does he know whats best, he knows things about female anatomy that my wife does not even know! In a recent interview, he claimed “If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down,” What does that mean? Is it magic? It cant be God, because not all rape victims are Christians, How does the female body distinguish between legitimate rape and non-legitimate rape? What the hell is non-legitimate rape anyway?oh, he misspoke. Classic.

My point is, we hear more about what an unforgivable sin it is to have an abortion, even in rape related pregnancies, than we hear about this awful crime called rape or incest.

The Akin thing just set me off I guess, I hate to target the GOP, but thats where this message always comes from. Why are women 2nd class citizens? Why is brutal rape not worth mentioning? Why do politicians know what is best for women medically? Why should my wife or daughter seek legislated medical advice from Washington, rather than go to their OBGYN?

I think of myself as pro life, but I dont want my opinions to dictate life altering decisions for people that are not me. Shame on you Todd Akin, for thinking you know whats best in a situation you could NEVER be in, you could never know whats its like, how it feels, what it does to you emotionally and physically, you are a man, act like one and chastise the rapist instead of the victim.

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